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Screen printing, is a thousand-year-old technique of adhering an image to a surface using stencils, ink and then making the artwork permanent with heat. It is also known as silkscreen printing or in fine art as serigraphy.  In our case, we use this time-tested technique to screen print shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other apparel and accessories. 

 Screen print shirts last considerably longer and are more fade-resistant than iron-on or other image transfer techniques.   


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Screen printing is a technique that permanently adheres the design, artwork, or logo to the apparel.  Because we use the finest-quality inks, high-quality apparel, and superior techniques, our shirts last longer than any of our competition. 

Why Screen Printing Works Best

Sublimation printing is limited to the polyester fabrics, but screen print shirts can be any blend of cotton, polyester, and more.

 Vinyl Printing designs can be very stiff, crack easily, and make the cloth unbreathable.   

Paper Transfer techniques, unlike screen print shirts, are limited to light-color shirts and specific color dyes. 

Screen print shirts can be nearly any color imaginable.  In our store, we have hundreds of colors to choose from in a wide variety of styles, and we can print with bright and saturated ink colors. 

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3 Simple Reasons To Screen Print Shirts With Visage


Your artwork looks sharp and clear. Examples


Our speedy screen printing services provide you with a 5-day turnaround.


Our designs are brighter and more colorful than any other apparel printer.

Looking For The Best?

At Visage Screen-Print, we have been screen printing for over 25 years.  We use the most efficient and professional screen printer in the Chicago area. 

If you are looking for the very best screen printer, try Visage Screen-Print, you won’t be disappointed!

We produce thousands of screen print shirts every single business day.  There are no “lulls” in our screen print headquarters in Des Plaines. 

Our art department is constantly inspecting every design to ensure that it is pixel-perfect before it is carefully laid out for printing.  Our print professionals work round-the-clock to make sure that every single shirt comes out perfectly.


screen print shirts

Our screen print department operates a 50,000 square foot facility with multiple heavy-duty screen print presses.


These huge precisely-engineered pieces of steel equipment align different sections of your colorful designs flawlessly.  We utilize huge industrial ovens to bond the ink to the apparel a t the exact temperature to make sure your artwork lasts for years and years.

 If your shirt is cracking, fading, and falling apart after just a couple of wears – you didn’t get it from Visage Screen-Print!!


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