Fundraising T Shirts

To complete your next fundraising event, consider tying the team together with matching fundraising t shirts.  We know budgets can be tight for fundraising t shirts, so we make our shirts affordable for small budgets.

If your fundraiser includes games and teams, our t shirts are great to order a dozen or more in each color with the same design.

Or consider having one color shirts for your participants that want to purchase one and have a separate color for your volunteers, so they stand out in the crowd.


Engage Your Proud Supporters

The t shirt itself can be a fundraiser.  Our low shirt cost and super-affordable print costs make it possible to make a profit from each shirt you sell.  The average amount earned on reselling approximately 2 dozen shirts at $20 each is $300.  If you have a cute idea, or a witty design that you know your supporters can’t resist, print it today and maximize your profits by ordering them with us!  Always order extra for people that want to join your group – a t shirt sale is a wonderful way to find future supporters and leaders.

Fundraising T Shirts for Cancer/Disease/Disability Awareness

Walks and Runs

Fundraiser t shirts are a must-have for walk-a-thons and fundraising marathons.  Your participants will wear the fundraising t shirts with pride during the event and spread awareness all year long when sporting their current year’s fundraising t shirt. Something Different Next Time If you are tired of ordering the same type of t shirt every year for your fundraiser, maybe this year order some long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, or hoodies promoting your organization.  Our premium hoodies (along with our premium printing) last a long time.  We’ve had satisfied customers come back after two whole decades sporting their custom shirts – and they still looked FANTASTIC!