Visage Screen Print Idea Gallery

Ideas For Camp T Shirts

There are many reasons to coordinate camp t shirts for your summer camps and other youth programs and activities.  In our idea gallery you will find plenty of ideas to add to your brainstorm for your camp t shirts this year.

In the past, we have made a ton of camp t shirts.  We have made shirts for YMCA’s, Park District camps, school-ran camps, private day camps, and daycare services.  Below are just some of the examples of  camp t shirts that we have made. 


The number one reason to coordinate your outfits is for field trips and outdoor activities.  Being able to see your camp-goers easily takes the hassle out of corralling kids when in public places.  We recommend putting your kids in bright colors, bright red, neon orange, or lemon yellow.  

Coordinating Counselors

Having all your kids in one color and counselor and supervisors in another color for your camp t shirts is a highly recommended idea.  Main supervisors can have one color, counselor another, and the camp-goers a third color.   

Team Activities

For your next tournament or team-building exercise, coordinate your teams.   with our wide selection and low prices on shirts and printing, you can have as many assorted colors as you need for your next activity.

The Visage Screen Print Difference

The difference is our experience.  We make over 25,000 shirts every day.  And we’ve been printing for over 25 years.  Our printers are skilled craftsman, and our level of service is unsurpassed.

If you are curious as to how much your camp shirts will cost, you can receive a quote right now using our Quick Quote calculator,  If you like the price, order them today.  Orders are shipped within 5 business days of order confirmation by a member of our staff.