To create your own t shirt, you simply provide us with your graphic and let the pros do all the work.  We have be the leading custom screen printer for the t shirt business for over 25 years!

All we need to know is how many shirts, sizes, and color and we can get your order started right away.

Ready To Print?

If your graphic is ready, our art department will review and revise your existing design and get your order sent to the printing department right away.

Unsure If You Are Ready To Print?

If you don’t have a graphic ready to print, we have a full-time art department working non-stop to make sure every design we print is ready to look flawless on the shirt of your choice.  Contact us today to begin your t shirt creation process.  See how we can help.

Create Your Own Shirt For Less

Some stores charge up to $30 or $40 for a t shirt that is exactly your style.  However, the t shirt is thin and you washed it three times and the image is already peeling off.  At Visage Screen-Print, this will never happen to you.  We’ve had some of our first customers with high-quality tees worn for 25 years come in and show us their shirts looking like new! 

Order your next batch of shirts with us and EXPERIENCE THE VISAGE DIFFERENCE!


T Shirts For Everyone

We have a vast selection of t shirts to choose from: cotton t shirts, 50-50 t shirts, long-sleevev-neck, women, and youth options.  Each style comes in a multitude of colors, so you can create your own t shirt exactly how you want it.  Check out our full catalog for all our choices of quality name brand apparel.


create your own t shirt to make a statement

Say It Loud

Share your view with the world when you create your own t shirt. Advertise your product, share your event, or broadcast your business with a wearable promotion.

create your own t shirt for you

Be Different

Be Different – Create your own t shirt your own way.  Don’t pay bloated retail prices for your threads.  Customize with Visage and experience the difference.

create your own team t shirt

Be stronger

Unify your team with matching premium shirts. Create your own t shirt for your workgroup, club, or organization.


We can help you 9 – 6 Monday through Friday with any questions about placing a custom-printed or wholesale t shirt order.


Fill out the quick contact form on our contact page and a representative will get back to you within 2 business days.


Fill out the style, color, and size, and we will get back to you with an accurate quote for your order.